Positive Steps Fertility Clinic, Madison, MS

Positive Steps Fertility Clinic is conveniently located in Madison, MS.  Dr. Preston Parry is committed to providing his patients the best possible care in a state of the art facility.  The concept of this building was born from a desire to treat each patient uniquely.  No two patients are alike, and each should have a treatment tailored to provide the highest chance for building a family.

Positive Steps is deliverately placed in the heart of Madison's medical community situated on approximately two acres and encompasses 8,200 square feet of ambulatory care facility and associated parking.  The classical architecture of this building with prominent columns, at the entry, is welcoming to the patients.

The building is comprised of slab on grade foundations, with a brick veneer exterior skin combining jack arch and solider course detailing.  The structure is constructed of a typical wood stud frame, various wall cladding including painted cementitious fiber board cornice, and architectural ornamentation.  The roof is a blend of simulated slate shingles and TPO, along with aluminum cladded windows with muttons as well as metal entry doors.  The finishes of the interior spaces place emphasis on the comfort and security of the patience experience.  Allowing the tranquilty of a spa atmosphere, accented by the brightness of life and birth, help to encourage and reassure the patient they are the doctor's main concern when they enter the building.

This project was a collaboration between Probity Contracting Group, the owners/developers Dr. Preston Parry, Jeff Davis, Todd Everett and Wilson LaFoe and the architect Wier Boerner Allin.  This was a design build project.  All parties worked closely with the owners to create a warm, inviting space where patients are given the ability to give birth to their dreams.  This dream began in concptual form in May 2017 and was complete and ready to receive patients May 18, 2018.