The District at Midtown, Hattiesburg, MS

The District at Midtown is conveniently located on the corner of Hardy St. and S. 30th Ave, which is directly across the street from the campus of the The University of Southern Mississippi.  Here you'll find an open-air concept including 4 buildings with a total of 19 tenant spaces designed for retail, restaurants, residential, as well as relaxation.  At the center sits a 5-story, 100 guest room, boutique hotel named Hotel Indigo, adorned with a railroad motif to pay homage to the deeply rooted heritage present in Hattiesburg, MS since the late 1800s.  This beautifully designed and landscape appointed development is the result from a collabration between Probity Contracting Group, Albert & Associates Architects and Renaissance Group's design teams.

Construction of the tal development boasts a footprint of 6.9 acres, 65,530 square feet of hospitality accommodations, 40,815 square feet of retail space, 15,000 square feet of 2nd floor condominiums, as well as a 3,000 square foot courtyard.  Each posed scheduling challenges.  The close proximity of the projects made material delivery/storage and subcontractor sequencing paramount.  

Aside from the challenges of the civil package, which included clearing/grubbing, selective demolition, storm drainage and full subterranean utilities, the individual retail facilities consisted of slab on grade foundations, structural steel framing with metal stud infill cladded with brick veneer, cementitious siding, and decorative EIFS cornice, TPO roofing, aluminum storefront/curtainwall, as well as decorative canopies at each retail entry.  The residential units consisted of 14 units offering 1, 2, and 3-bedroom choices with full size kitchens, separate living spaces, laundry rooms, as well as ensuite bathrooms; all with access to a communal rooftop terrace.  The hotel, however, was a load-bearing metl stud structure also cladded with brick veneer and EIFS, TPO roofing and aluminum storefront.  

This project began in early February 2017 and took 18 months to complet in August of 2018.