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Safety Dedication

Probity Contracting Group believes that "TOTAL SAFETY", a program that integrates accident prevention into all activities of the company and all activities of it's people, is essential.  In this concept we recognize the interdependence of occupational safety with traffic, home, recreational, and public safety.  All of these safety activities are necessary to help us in reaching our fundamental objective ‑‑ to advance the well‑being of our people and associates.  Thus, it is the policy of PROBITY CONTRACTING GROUP to promote safe living by an effective accident prevention program in all phases of our company's activities.

Our safety program utilizes the best principles of Safety Engineering and education to reduce both the industrial and off‑the‑job accidents, and to advance the morale of our personnel.  In each department of this company, it is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to make this safety policy effective.  Each member of management is responsible for applying the safety engineering and safety education principles to the employees who work within his jurisdiction.  It is the responsibility of each employee to participate in the safety program by observing in his daily work, all safety practices, policies, and standards.  Additionally, each employee has the responsibility to call to the attention of his supervisor any hazard in need of correction and to suggest safety improvements.

Each Project Superintendent has been given a copy of the Safety Program and is responsible for carrying out this program on the project.    

Michael H. Harrell, President / CEO

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